Events Archive

In this section, you’ll find a list of events that PRIMAGE project partners attended to disseminate the project work.

2023/06/13-16: ESGAR 2023 (HULAFE)

2023/06/7-9: European Society of Pediatric Radiology (ESPR)  Annual Meeting 2023 (HULAFE)

2023/05/17: SERVEI 2023 HULAFE

2023/05/8-12: SIOPE Annual Meeting (HULAFE, SIOPE)

2023/05/05: Empowering communities with imaging biobanks: the path to accessible personalized medicine for all (QUIBIM)

2023/04/25: Survivorship Care in Pediatric Oncology Workshop by TREL Project (SIOPE)

2023/03/1-5: European Congress of Radiology 2023 (HULAFE)

2023/03/01: Infrastructure Digital | Health (keynote) (HULAFE/UPV)

2023/02/23: AI Task Force: Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (HULAFE)

2023/02/20: UNICA4EU Workshop (SIOPE)

2023/02/10: ACCELERATE Annual Meeting (SIOPE)

2023/02/08: International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) 2023 (SIOPE)

2023/02/02:  Sesión en sección Oncohematotología pediátrica La Fe (HULAFE)

2022/11/21:  Life Science Open Space 2022 HULAFE

2022/10/11-15: Congreso Nacional de Imagenología Diagnóstica y Terapéutica (HULAFE)

2022/10/14: 28th PanCare Meeting (SIOPE)

2022/10/14: SIOPEN AGM 2022  (CCRI, HULAFE)

2022/09/29-2022/10/01: 54th Annual SIOP Congress (SIOPE, HULAFE)

2022/09/27: IEEE BHI-BSN 2022 Workshop

2022/09/24: New Horizons: from radiomics to  Intelligence (UNIPI)

2022/09/09-13: ESMO Congress 2022 (SIOPE)


2022/09/01-30: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (SIOPE)

2022/07/27: SANO Seminar The European Open Science Cloud and Services to Enhance Data Sharing – PRIMAGE (UPV)

2022/07/25: AETR (Asociación Española de Técnicos de Radioterapia) Annual Meeting

2022/07/03: European Congress of Oncology Pharmacy (SIOPE)

2022/06/23: Ansys Workshop: Simulation technologies applied to clinical research (ANSYS)

2022/06/15: OECI Oncology Days 2022 (HULAFE)

2022/06/09: ECCOMAS 2022 A Finite Element method to incorporate the effects of diffusion to the Extended Tofts Model (UNIZAR)

2022/05/28: SERAM 2022 (HULAFE)

2022/05/25: dHealth 2022 – Annual Conference on Health Informatics meets Digital Health (CCRI)

2022/04/06-09: SIOPE Course in Paediatric Oncology (SIOPE)

2022/03/21: SANO Webinar Comparing deep learning-based segmentation of neuroblastic tumors to expert inter-observer variability

2022/03/21-23: SIOP Europe Annual Meeting (SIOPE)

2022/02/03-04: European Cancer Meeting 2022 (SIOPE)

2021/10/06: European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning (UKON)

2021/09/07: 17th International Symposium on Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering (UNIZAR)

2021/07/29: 16th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics (UNIZAR)

2021/07/27: IEEE-EMBS International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics – BHI’21 (UNIBO)

2021/07/14: European Society of Biomechanics 2021 congress (UNIBO, UNIZAR)

2021/06/03: Civilian and Defence Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and High Performance Computing (UNIBO)

2021/04/28-30: SIOP Europe Virtual Annual Meeting 2021 (SIOPE)

2021/04/29: La Medicina in Silico in Italia: uno sguardo prospettico (UNIBO)

2020/12/18: MRI: Weekly Clinical Sessions at HULAFE’s Radiology Unit – How to improve the quality of images and the imaging analysis (HULAFE)

2020/11/06: EC stakeholder workshop ‘Human Digital Twin’ (UNIBO)

2020/10/26: Sano Computational Medicine Seminar (Cyfronet)

2020/10/24: AI in pediatric oncology – Fiona Stanley Hospital Workshop (QUIBIM)

2020/10/18: European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress (Education) (SIOPE)

2020/10/14-17: International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) virtual congress (SIOPE)

2020/10/15: Insigneo General Assembly 2020 (USFD)

2020/10/02: Congresso Nazionale Società Italiana di Radiologia (SIRM) 2020 (UNIPI)

2020/09/26: Fifth International Workshop on Health Recommender Systems: (HealthRecSys 2020) (UKON)

2020/09/25: European Commission – CONNECT University back-to-school on digital health: How Digital Health is transforming oncology care (HULAFE)

2020/09/21: European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress (Science) (SIOPE)

2020/08/24-28: Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) 2020 Conference (USFD, HULAFE)

2020/07/18: ALife 2020 (USFD)

2020/07/15-19: European Congress of Radiology 2020 (HULAFE, UNIPI)

2020/05/19: ESGAR Annual Meeting 2020 (HULAFE)

2020/03/20 Emergent Behaviours Demonstrated by Immune System and Neuroblastoma – Department of Oncology, University of Oxford (USFD)

2020/03/13: Emergence of Good and Evil in Biological Systems – Bioengineering Seminar Series, University of Southampton (USFD)

2020/02/18: International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (ICCD 2020) (HULAFE, SIOPE)

2020/02/14: ERN PaedCan General Assembly (SIOPE)

2020/02/07: 8th Accelerate Congress (SIOPE)

2020/02/04: Daily Clinical Sessions at the HULAFE Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Unit – PRedictive In-silico Multiscale Analytics to support cancer personalized diaGnosis and prognosis, Empowered by imaging biomarkers (HULAFE)

2020/02/01-05: Toulouse Onco Week 2020 (Medexprim)

2020/01/24: Neuroblastomas and PRIMAGE project –  Pisan Diagnostic Days for Images and Radiotherapy (UNIPI)

2020/01/23: PRIMAGE at the Programme Committee for the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) implementing Horizon Europe 2020 – Configuration ‘Health, demographic change and well-being’. (HULAFE)

2019/11/28: EOSC coordination day (UNIPI)

2019/11/28: Creando nuestros gemelos digitales – La Ley Seca (UNIZAR)

2019/11/26: Tuning micro-environment to understand tumor metastasis: combination of microfluidic-based experiments and numerical models, KU Leuven (UNIZAR)

2019/11/13: Chinese Congress of Radiology 2019 (HULAFE)

2019/11/08: Oncología pediátrica en 2020 – Jornada Abierta de Imagen Médica Avanzada (JAIMA)  (HULAFE, QUIBIM)

2019/10/23: SIOP International Congress 2019 (SIOPE)

2019/10/18: EuSoMII Annual Meeting 2019 (HULAFE)

2019/10/16: WEBINAR: Working together for the European Open Science Cloud (UNIPI)

2019/09/27: ESMO Congress 2019 (SIOPE)

2019/09/20: Fourth International Workshop on Health Recommender Systems: (HealthRecSys 2019) (UKON)

2019/09/16: Implementation of diffusion-growth coupled model in ANSYS Workbench – ANSYS Workshop (ANSYS)

2019/09/16: Computational Back-ends for Artificial Intelligence in Childhood Cancer Research Workshop on Cloud Networks – Conference of the Brazilian Computation Society (UPV-I3M)

2019/09/12: ECCO 2019 European Cancer Summit (SIOPE)

2019/09/09: Building EOSC through the H2020 projects – current status and future directions (HULAFE-GIBI)

2019/07/16: COMBINE 2019 (HULAFE-Gibi)

2019/06/13: Integration of mathematical models and cell culture experiments in order to unravel cell migration mechanobiology, University of Birmingham (UNIZAR)

2019/06/07: Mechanobiology of cell migration: mathematical modelling and microfluidics-based experiments go hand-in-hand Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford (UNIZAR)

2019/05/27: Workshop eSanté CGSO – “Données, Big Data & Intelligence Artificielle en Oncologie” (Medexprim)

2019/05/23: Inteligencia Artificial y Big Data TIC Salud Comunitat Valenciana “Inteligencia Artificial y Big Data, la medicina de los datos” (QUIBIM)

2019/05/20: SIOP Europe Annual Meeting 2019 (SIOPE)

2019/05/19: Creando nuestros gemelos digitales, 7th Science Week (UNIZAR)

2019/05/10: Ingeniería Biomédica – Prometedoras líneas de trabajo de la potente alianza Ingeniería-Medicina XXI Encuentro de Ingeniería Hospitalia (UNIZAR)

2019/03/29: AACR Meetin 2019 (SIOPE)

2019/03/29: In quest for reproducibility of medical simulations on e-infrastructures – Container Technologies in Cloud and High Performance Computing Research and Commercial Applications (Cyfronet)

2019/03/14: QUIBIM European Research projects III Congreso de ATECNOSTIC “Momento del diagnóstico y tratamiento de precisión” (QUIBIM)

2013/03/12: Annual Spanish Meeting on NB (HULAFE-Gibi)

2019/03/12: Ensayos clínicos con datos retrospectivos y biomarcadores de image – Sessions and Acts of the Royal National Academy of Medicine (HULAFE-Gibi)

2019/02/27: ECR 2019 (QUIBIM, UNIPI)

Project Coordinator
Dr. Marti-Bonmati, Head of Medical Imaging Department and Dr. Cañete, Head of the Paediatric Oncology Unit, Hospital Universitario y Politécnnico La Fe, Valencia, Spain

Project Management Team
Mario Aznar, MATICAL Innovation, Madrid, Spain
Ana Miguel Blanco, Project Manager, GIBI230, Hospital Universitario y Politécnnico La Fe, Valencia, Spain

Dissemination Management Team
Giorgia Manuzi, The European Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOP Europe)