PRIMAGE M43 Consortium Meeting & Workshop

On 22 June 2022, PRIMAGE project partners came together for the M43 consortium in Lyon, France hosted by project partners, ANSYS.

The consortium exchanged updates on the work carried out, results achieved, and actions planned on:

  • Latest developments integrated into the PRIMAGE web platform
  • Data ingestion: Processes & Tools
  • Image quality control
  • MR sequences curation
  • Cloud Backend
  • Integration activities
  • HPC backend
  • Model Execution Environment
  • Multiscale orchestrator integration with PRIMAGE platform
  • Data collection update
  • Data sources for external validation
  • Molecular biomarkers
  • Final image processing pipeline
  • Reproducibility studies
  • Automatic segmentation models
  • Update on standards for metadata in imaging databanks
  • Automatic data preprocessor for the orchestration
  • Current state of NB
  • NB Orchestration
  • DIPG modeling and radiotherapy
  • Response prediction models for clinical end points
  • Patient response clustering
  • Integration of Visual Analytics system for interactive data analysis
  • Communication & dissemination actions and metrics
  • Advancements on the Exploitation Plan
  • Analysis of potential future risks and planned mitigation measures.















A workshop titled “Advanced simulation and data technologies to support the clinical practice in pediatric oncology” followed on 23 June 2022, focusing on:

  • PART A: Simulation technologies applied to clinical practice. Examples of their potential application in pediatric oncology
  • PART B: Unleashing the power of imaging data and related health records: Actual examples of market-ready technologies to support clinicians in pediatric oncology