Join the PRIMAGE Workshop on 23/06/22: Advanced simulation and data technologies to support the clinical practice in pediatric oncology

Workshop Title: Advanced simulation and data technologies to support the clinical practice in pediatric oncology

Date: 23rd June 2022; 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Access: On-line: Microsoft Teams Meeting – Link to meeting here.


PART A: Simulation technologies applied to clinical practice. Examples of their potential application in pediatric oncology

Presenters: ANSYS, UNIZAR

Start: 8:30 am   End: 10.45 am


TOPIC Duration Presenter
Computational Modeling for Eye Surgery Planning 15’ Harald Studer – CEO of Optimo Medical
Biomechanical simulation of arterial deformations induced by endovascular guidewires 15’ Hussein Mozahem (INSA of Lyon) and Wenfeng Ye (Ansys)
Computer-aided diagnosis, planning and surgery in orthopaedic applications 30’ María Angeles Pérez Ansón – UNIZAR
Computational biomarkers for aneurysm evolution and risk of rupture prediction 15’ Antonio Martinez (Ansys)
Prediction of the pre-fracture shape of the L1 vertebral body from adjacent vertebrae by using statistical shape models 15’ Marco Sensale (Ansys)
Round Table: Opportunities and yet unexplored fields for simulation and related technologies applicability in pediatric oncology 30-45’ Ansys chair




PART B: Unleashing the power of imaging data and related health records: Actual examples of market-ready technologies to support clinicians in pediatric oncology


Start: 11:00 am   End: 12.30 pm

TOPIC Duration Presenter
React-4Kids project. Current status and potential contribution of imaging data 15’ Pr. Marie CASTETS, Researcher in Pediatric Oncology
Medexprim: from supporting RWE projects to developing smart tumor boards 15’ Karine SEYMOUR, MEDEX
PRIMAGE CDSS demo 30’ Ana Jimenez, QUIBIM
Quibim: Quantitative imaging to assist imaging diagnosis, other applications 15’ Ana Jimenez, QUIBIM
Imaging Data-driven innovations at Centre Léon Bérard (Cancer Center in Lyon) 15’ Hugo CROCHET, IT Director, Centre Léon Bérard


Target Audience

  • PRIMAGE Consortium: All partners are invited to attend this workshop, especially the clinical partners. AB members are also invited.
  • External parties: Hospitals, public authorities, industry representatives are invited to follow the workshop and interact with the presenters asking for the applicability of their technologies in their own cases.