New channel for cancer experts

Computational Oncology is a very vast research field that spans from binding affinity calculations using: molecular dynamics in drug discovery; Quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) statistical or machine learning models; up to complex multiscale mechanistic models of solid tumour growth.

While in this domain’s pioneering years, each approach was developed in isolation, nowadays, more and more, all these methods face similar problems, i.e. technical and clinical validation, computational scalability, the relation between computer models and experiments, regulatory positioning, etc.

The In Silico World Community of Practice aims to provide all practitioners of in silico medicine a safe place where to develop best practices. The new public channel #cancer provides a specialised discussion forum for all computational oncology practitioners, where they can ask and offer specialised help and advice and develop best practices consensually. Please follow this direct link to the channel. To foster the engagement of members inside the #cancer channel, we plan to publish some short posts about the topic of the channel, once per week, authored by the experts of the Primage consortium.

The channels belong to an invitation-only community called In Silico World. To request access, please send an email to You will then receive an email on the email address you used for the request, you will need to set a password to login into the community, and then you’ll be an official member. Membership does not involve any cost or obligation.