Implementing the European Open Science Cloud – A message from the EOSC Governance

The interim EOSC Governance concluded its mandate at the end of 2020, after two years of successful work on the development of the European Open Science Cloud framework.

Over these crucial final months, the EOSC Governance Board, featuring representatives of the EU Member States and Associated Countries, supervised the activities of the EOSC Executive Board Working Groups, which have been finalising the reports on the six key areas identified for their mandate: Architecture, FAIR, Landscape, Rules of Participation, Skills & Training, and Sustainability.

As the EOSC enters its second phase in 2021, characterised by the prominent role taken by the EOSC Association and the newly-formed EOSC Steering Board, members from the previous Governance shared a video message collecting ideas and suggestions for effective implementation of EOSC, further involving stakeholders in the process.