‘‘Aiming at lethal paediatric tumours’’ – PRIMAGE Project in the European Hospital journal.

The article on the PRIMAGE Project was published in the European Hospital journal (Vol. 28, No. 4, 19). This European Project aims to help improve treatment and identify a tumour’s main characteristics without the need for biopsy, using computational processing of medical images on the cloud. The article highlighted the innovative character of the project and its goal to increase knowledge and treatment quality of neuroblastoma and DIPG.

‘’The great value brought by PRIMAGE is that the study will use real world data as a foundation to help identify the best treatment for each individual patient, instead of collecting sample data, as in prospective trials.’’

‘’Being able to precisely estimate tumour phenotype, aggressiveness, stage and extension, define the best treatment plan and establish the most accurate prognosis will definitely help paediatric oncologists improve their decision-making’’ – Martí Bonmatí (Chairman of Radiology and Director of the Medical Imaging Department at La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital, Valencia.)

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